Concrete Hauling Services


Whether you have leftover concrete after a big construction project or you need to dispose of concrete fragments after demolition, dealing with concrete debris removal can be a big task. Our company specializes in concrete hauling and disposal, making it easy for you to reclaim your space.

With the right equipment and many years serving communities across the East Bay Area, we have everything needed to transport concrete debris quickly and responsibly. We own several heavy-duty trucks as well as equipment to safely load and secure heavy fragments.

Read below to learn more about concrete disposal challenges, and why it pays to hire a professional concrete hauling company to handle this job. Reach out if you have additional questions!

Why Concrete Disposal is Difficult?

Due to its extremely heavy and dense composition, concrete poses unique disposal challenges compared to other construction junk. Attempting DIY transport in non-commercial vehicles almost always causes hazardous road conditions or equipment damage.

Without proper debris containment methods, loose concrete pieces can easily crack truck beds. Large slabs must be safely trimmed and loaded to distribute weight appropriately across truck frames. And only certain approved waste management facilities have capacity to receive and process heavy volumes of concrete.

Leave concrete handling and disposal to the experienced specialists with the right equipment, permits and local partnerships to execute this job safely and legally.

Our Concrete Hauling Process

We simplify concrete removal by providing start-to-finish services:

1. Evaluate and Quote: First, we’ll visit your property to assess how much concrete needs hauling away. We’ll determine equipment needs and provide a fair quote.

2. Transport Equipment: Our crew will arrive with heavy-duty hauling vehicles specially equipped with fortified beds to bear heavy loads. We carry concrete breakers and lift gear if needed.

3. Load Material: Leveraging equipment like skid steers, we safely lift and position concrete within legal load limits. Our team secures pieces tightly to eliminate shift risks.

4. Haul Debris: We transport concrete only to approved regional recycling and disposal partners. Manifests ensure full compliance.

Let us handle the challenges of concrete disposal for you.

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Why choose Discount?

At Discount Hauling & Demo, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality service possible, at nearly unbeatable prices. We have 3 generations of expertise which translates to our services for each and every client here in the East Bay Area. We are licensed and insured and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.










What kinds of concrete do you haul away?

We can remove all types of structural and fragment concrete waste—including from foundations, walkways, walls, demolition projects, unused batches, etc. Our trucks and loading equipment can handle reinforced rebar, oversized pieces, and high volumes easily.

How is concrete recycling beneficial?

Salvaging useful concrete fragments conserves natural resources and energy needed to manufacture new concrete mixes. Our processing partners repurpose clean material for erosion control, road base layers, cement mixing, and other applications. Recycling concrete also greatly reduces landfill contributions.

Do you require any permits for concrete disposal?

No. When working with property owners to haul away concrete debris to approved recycling and landfill partners, no special permits are required. We maintain all licenses related to waste transportation and provide detailed manifests. Permits are typically only needed for pouring new concrete.

What safety gear do your crews utilize during removal?

Our team wears steel-toe boots, high-visibility vests, hard hats, and gloves at minimum to protect from sharp debris and heavy loads that can fall. We position vehicles and flag zones appropriately to prevent incidental contact. Safety is our top concern during concrete hauling projects and at all job sites.

How should I prepare for a concrete disposal project?

As you plan a construction or demolition job involving concrete debris, contact us early on to provide details. This allows us to give accurate quotes, reserve proper equipment and staffing, and coordinate hauling schedules around your timeline. Let our concrete removal experts simplify your project!