Whether preparing a site for construction or trying to re-grade a commercial property, major dirt removal in Danville often precedes other land development phases. As specialists in demolition, hauling, and excavation, the Discount Hauling & Demo team understands the heavy equipment, manpower, and logistics involved in executing efficient dirt extractions from start to finish.

In this article, we’ll provide a high-level overview of what comprehensive commercial dirt removal entails when undertaken by experienced industry professionals. Read on for greater insight into the detailed planning and coordinated execution needed to complete major earth moving successfully.

Phase 1: Comprehensive Site Evaluation

The first step our team takes before mechanically excavating soil is thoroughly analyzing a client’s Danville property to understand existing topography, ingress/egress access points, and any use restrictions.

We identify built elements like retaining walls, foundation slabs, or underground utilities that could impact where and how deep we can dig. Pictures, videos, and surveys document conditions for transparency. Clients review and approve proposed work zones before crews mobilize equipment.

Phase 2: Moving In Heavy Machinery

With a zone-by-zone dirt removal plan set, our next phase is transporting excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and hauling trucks to the site. We strategically position equipment based on workflow efficiencies and safety considerations. For properties with tight access, we may use smaller excavators and coordinated hauling runs.

Skilled operators understand how to leverage a machine’s respective strengths, whether trenching, grading, or dumping loads. We take great care to avoid contact with any marked structures or utilities.

Phase 3: Systematic Dirt Extraction Process

The core excavation process itself leverages our specialized gear and operators’ experience with similar Danville projects to steadily yet swiftly remove target soil volumes across a site’s work zones.

Strategic benching, ramping, and stockpiling techniques allow excavators and loaders to systematically access and grip soil for transport. Trucks follow planned routes between work zones and disposal sites. Site leads closely track progress relative to client specs.

Phase 4: Comprehensive Job Site Clean-Up

As our team nears completion on a commercial dirt removal job, we transition to a comprehensive clean-up process to leave the property in a tidy state. This extensive process involves multiple steps.

First, we do a final sweep for any small debris that may have been unearthed, such as building fragments, twisted rebar pieces, landscaping gravel, broken cinderblocks, etc. We remove all loose remnants for proper disposal. Next, we smooth out the dug areas, using rakes and shovels to evenly redistribute any leftover quality topsoil across the disturbed ground.

Finally, before concluding a job, a lead crew member will walk the site with property owners to visually inspect our workmanship and allow them opportunity to ask questions or request any finishing touches. We aim to complete dirt removal projects to each client’s utmost satisfaction, leaving properties cleaned up and stabilized.

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