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Discount Hauling & Demo is proud to offer several essential services for construction companies, those looking to renovate homes or offices, landlords and realtors, and individuals all across the East Bay Area. With an experienced staff and the right equipment at our disposal, we can help ensure your project is completed without a hitch.



When you need items moved from one building to another or hauled away and disposed of completely, partnering with a team who has the right equipment and manpower is key. We have helped countless people with important moves or with disposal over the years, and our hauling services can ensure your items either arrive safely or are disposed of in the correct way, all without you having to lift a finger.



Junk removal is an important service, and if you have unwanted items piling up then it’s important to get rid of them today rather than allowing the problem to compound and get worse. Junk removal is useful in a hoarding situation, when a landlord or Realtor is working to get a property ready after eviction or if an office building is undergoing renovation. In any case, if you have unwanted junk then give us a call today to take care of the issue before it gets worse.



Tearing down an existing structure is a dangerous and tedious job, so contracting with the right company to perform your demolition is very important. We have a great deal of experience in demolition and the right equipment to do the job safely and effectively. Our goal is to get the property ready for its best use, and our demolition team can help with small projects or large teardowns.



Many people or businesses have the need for a tractor, but not many people are effective operators or have access to the right equipment for the job. Whether you need earth moving services, you need a building demolished, you’re looking to till or plow land or any other job where heavy equipment would help, our team offers a catalog of equipment for use and we have experienced operators who can help ensure the job is done correctly and safely.



Having a reliable partner to handle your box rentals (also known as dumpsters, rolloffs, etc.) is vital for any construction project to succeed. We are experienced in box rental and we have the right trucks for deliveries and haul away, licensed operators who can ensure timely return of the boxes and a customer-focused mindset to ensure you aren’t without a box when you need it most.


Our company is based in Livermore and we’re happy to serve the entire East Bay Area. We always focus on the customer experience and strive to ensure our clients’ projects are handled with care and professionalism. If you have a need for junk removal, hauling, tractor services, box rental or demolition services, give us a call today!